Canvas LMS Redesign

Canvas is a new, open-source learning management system created by Instructure Inc. In this project, I was tasked to redesign the information architecture of the canvas tablet app and in the meantime add a new feature that can make students be more willing to engage in the courses.

I applied the UCD process to explore, ideate, prototype, and evaluate throughout this project, and came up with a new design that provides students with the functionalities of taking and sharing notes to facilitate their studies.

Role & Tool
UX/IX Designer
Primary & Secondary Research,
Usability Testing
Concept Refinement

In order to refine the initial concept, I created several diagrams to analyze the structure and flows of the application. To start with, I made an user journey map to visualize the overall data flow from both lecturer and student's perspectives. Next, I reconstructed the information architecture to smoothen the screen flows. Furthermore, I drew several user flow diagrams to validate the logic inside each screen.

With these diagrams, I was able to get a whole picture of the system and dig deeper into the details.

Prototype & Evaluation

With the refined concept, I sketched the draft screens and conducted a heuristic evaluation to find out major usability problems. Then, I converted these sketches into an interactive wireframe using Axure and conducted usability testings with 3 participants to iterate the wireframe.

Visual Exploration

To improve the final design, I also conducted several visual exploration activities. To begin with, I created a mood board to capture the experience that I wanted to provide for my audience. In addition, I analyzed several similar products and created a style matrix to identify the position that I wanted to spot in the market. Finally, with the color analysis, I can finalize the theme color of my design.

Final Design
Home Screen
Course Screen
Note-Taking Screen
Note Collaboration Screen