PHMobile is a mobile app that is designed for recording personal health data including user's weight, exercise, and diet. This application also records user's bio-data such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and pulse by integrating with connected measurement devices or manual inputs. In addition, the application provides the functionality of alerting user when the measured bio-data is approaching the upper or lower bounds defined by physicians.

I was responsible for designing the system architecture and implementing the hybrid mobile app on Android and iOS platform.

Role & Tool
System Designer, Developer
Java, IBM Worklight, PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile, Javascript
Information Dashboard displays assigned plans and useful tips.
Diet Records - List
Diet Records - Input Form
Weight Records - List
Weight Records - Chart
Weight Records - Input Form
Blood Pressure Records - List
Blood Pressure Records - Chart
Blood Pressure Records - Input Form
Blood Sugar Records - List
Blood Sugar Records - Chart
Blood Sugar Records - Input Form